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5 Considerations when Commissioning a Custom Conference Table

by Kyle Lindstrom September 23, 2022

5 Considerations when Commissioning a Custom Conference Table

The reception desk and the boardroom are the most client facing parts of an office. It stands to reason that businesses desire to keep these spaces looking clean, refined, and updated. When it comes to the boardroom, the conference table is the most important feature. Buying or commissioning a new conference table can be daunting and overwhelming. To help with this process we have compiled a list of 5 considerations for commissioning a custom conference table and the solutions we offer at Open Door Furniture to address those considerations.

1. Who is going to build it?

Consideration: As you adventure into commissioning a custom conference table, it is important to vet your builders. Sure, you can save a few thousand dollars by going with a less knowledgeable or distinguished builder, but your savings may not be worth the hassle, and their inexperience may cost you more than it saves you in the end. Conference tables are all about planning. From the first cut to the final install, the builder must know their trade, what’s expected from them, and what problems they are likely to face in the building and instillation process. Conference tables are a uniquely difficult project to pull off in a practical sense as they must be transported and maneuvered long distances through tight quarters to make it to their destination. It takes a knowledgeable builder to anticipate these needs, and then create solutions for them.

We understand and proudly wear the responsibility of the builder in managing the whole project. We will coordinate and work with your designer, architect, general contractor, and/or IT department in order to deliver the best product to our clients. Before we buy lumber, we have already planned every aspect of the job, including the instillation into its final place. We pride ourselves in allowing our clients to rest on our expertise.  

 Woodworkers at Work

2. Design

When a party commissions a custom conference table, they come with expectation that the table will provide solutions for their individualized needs and be an exact fit for their space.  Some of these needs, like seating, are intuitive while others, like electrical, are not. To be sure that these design concerns are being thought through, the commissioner should consider hiring a designer, or commissioning a builder who offers design services.

We offer design services and solutions that address spacing, electrical, seating, and longevity. All our projects, from furniture, to cabinetry, to conference tables are preceded by a CAD drawing sent to you for your input and approval. No matter where you are in the design phase, we are willing to work with you and share our building expertise in order to create and deliver the best possible product we can.

 Conference Table Design

3. Cord Management

Speaking of electrical, it is one of the more important considerations when commissioning a custom conference table. You can own, display, and work from a beautiful conference table, but if it is not practical to use, what’s the point? One of the greatest ways a conference table becomes impractical is if the electrical needs of the room were not considered. Loose wires running all directions on the floor and tabletop do not contribute to a streamlined, accessible client facing work space. 

When we are designing a conference table, we will work with your companies IT department to best understand the needs of the company and how they expect their conference table to be used. From their insight, we can install hidden or exposed AV equipment, hidden outlets under the table, and/or electrical hubs in the center of the conference table. We also plan our table bases around the electrical floor outlets so that we can minimize exposed wires and deliver our clients a table that is exquisite, clean, and functional. 

The photos below are some sample of cord management solutions we've employed on other projects.  

Exposed Electrical WireHidden Electrical Wire

Conference Table Sleek and Managed Electrical

conference table cord management

4. Cost

Industry standard prices for custom conference tables start at around $1,000 per linear foot. This price is subject to change based on a variety of variables including but not limited to the materials used, wider than average sizes, structural concerns, electrical solutions, and delivery/instillation considerations.

We do not deviate from the industry standard pricing, but I would argue that we offer a better value for your dollar. We are a small shop, and are intimately familiar with every project we design and build. Our clients receive our cooperative attention through the entire building process, access to our array of services, and will receive a product of the highest quality we can produce.

 ruler on concrete

5. Material Selection and Longevity

A conference table is a big investment, so the buyer wants to be sure that they are getting long term value for their money. Unfortunately, most furniture manufactures are more concerned with what their product looks like on delivery day than they are what their product looks like in 5 years. They often use thin, cost saving veneers, that look great for a while, but quickly become damaged. The damaged veneers are always unsightly as they contrast with the wood below them and are difficult and expensive to repair. It doesn’t matter how grand a project is, it only takes one small accident to ruin the overall aesthetic of a once gorgeous conference table, and with thin veneers, refinishing is not a viable option.

We design for today and build for tomorrow. We intentionally differentiate ourselves from our competitors by making products that still look great at the five-year mark, and for the next twenty years after that. Where other furniture companies emphasize what you can see, we put an equal emphasis on the details you cannot see. These hidden components are what allow our products to stand the test of time. Some of the most common ways we ensure the longevity of our conference tables are solid wood construction, custom fabricated metal sub structures, and using custom shop sawn veneers (featured below) when appropriate. When we build a conference table, we engineer it to last.

Our Veneer vs. Commercial Veneer

Happy building!


Cover Photo and Photo 2 by Benjamin Child on Unsplash 

Photo 6 by Annie Spratt on Unsplash 


Kyle Lindstrom
Kyle Lindstrom


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