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Weller Cabriolet Vanity

We partnered with the extremely talented Shannon Weller of Tracy Lynn Studios to create a collection of vanities for a client that feel more like furniture rather than a bathroom cabinet. 

This vanity in particular was our favorite of the collection.  The star of the show is the cabriolet leg.  It is a staple of traditional furniture but we wanted to give this a contemporary feel based on the space it was going in.  So we kept the profile of the leg relatively simple with clean lines and a simple foot design.  We maximized drawer space on this by building them to go just around the side of the sink.  This gives the allusion in the front of a full drawer to keep the the feel of a piece of furniture.  The finishing touch is the crystal knobs that complete the balanced look between contemporary and classic.  

Could there be a more exciting bathroom vanity!?! We don't think so, and we're thankful to have had the opportunity to build it. 

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