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Barry Custom Weathered Dining Table

The inspiration for this custom table came from the client in the form of an extremely aged wooden pizza peel. With that in mind, we designed the Barry Custom Weathered Dining Table. We used a variety of commonplace materials to age and color the unfinished white oak surface including wine, tea, coffee, and even soil from the vineyard around our shop. This natural staining process, partnered with a variety of carving tools helped create a table that is paradoxically elegant and ancient in appearance.

One of the most notable features of this table is the lack of a center support. Our client desired a long table that only had four legs, not five or six as is standard for a table of this size. To meet their request, we thickened the rails and inlaid them with a strip of carbon fiber. This alternate, clean, and spacious design feature ensures a long service life for our product, free from sagging and distortion. We expect this table to stand the test of time and one day become truly ancient.

This table was made by hand at our shop in San Diego, California. If you are interested in commissioning a custom piece of furniture, we would enjoy the opportunity to talk with you.

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