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Levine Custom Desk

The Levine Custom Desk is both stylish and practical.

It features a hand rubbed oil finish to bring out the natural character and luster of the wood. The desktop is pattern matched from eight shop sawn walnut veneers. The veneers are thick enough that they respond to wear and tear like solid wood, but are able to create a patterned desktop much more exquisite than the simpler process of gluing boards together. Unfortunately, we don't have a featured photo of the desktop, but our "Cloudscape Headboard" is built using the same process and stands as a good example of what our shop sawn, pattern matched veneers look like.

The practical features of the Levine Custom Desk revolve around power cord management. The desk features a custom grommet and a magnetic pull away panel in one of the legs in order to channel cords neatly onto the desktop. Small details like this make a big difference in the user experience of our clients and we include features like these in every desk we build.

This desk was made by hand in San Diego, California.

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