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Double Door Origins Coffee Table


This is a variation of our Original Origins coffee table.  We loved the classic but wanted to show people what this beauty would look like with a more traditional door style.  Like many of our pieces, what makes this stand out is the way that we meticulously arrange the wood grain.  The wood for the doors are sliced and arranged in such a way to create a mirror image of the other door which makes it a show stopper in any living room.  

  • Mitered edge joints highlight the continuous grain that flows from the top of the piece down the side
  • Contrasting maple dovetails add strength and demonstrate the precision and craftsmanship in the construction of this piece 
  • Handmade in San Diego, California
  • Every tree is beautifully unique, therefore so are our pieces.  

Like all of our furniture, our construction practices and high quality materials make this built to be enjoyed for generations.  

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