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Barajas Wood and White Cararra Marble Shelving Display Case

Show off your favorite decor in this stylish and contemporary custom wood and white cararra marble shelving unit.

At first glance, this piece is deceptively simple.  However, it is composed with over 180 different pieces and 600 joints, making piece is one of the more difficult things that we have ever built.  Each pieces is pinned together with floating mortise and tenon joinery to keep it stable over time under the significant load of the marble shelving.  By allowing the load of the marble to rest on the vertical pieces and joinery rather than the joinery alone, we have ensured that there will not be any sagging of this stunning piece and that it can be enjoyed for generations.  

  • All custom furniture is handmade in San Diego, California
  • Every tree is beautifully unique, therefore so are our pieces.  

Like all of our furniture, our construction practices and high quality materials make this built to be enjoyed for generations.  

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