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Maquera Fish Tank Built-in Cabinets

I was tempted to have a photo of me with a big ole' smile on my face with these in the background.  While we waited on logistics, we spent the better part of a year thinking about this build, planning with the client, CM Natural Designs and California Custom Aquariums how we would accomplish all of our goals. I couldn't be more proud of how it turned out.  

Building around a huge immovable object like a fish tank comes with some significant challenges.  You have to come up with creative ways to conceal all of the equipment while keeping the furniture functional.  In addition, you have something in your building path that needs to be kept pristine while you are handling about a mullion things that want to scratch it.  Nerve racking.  But if you don't risk much you usually won't gain much. 

This piece was handmade in San Diego, California


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