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Reas Walnut, Cork and Steel Coffee table

This was such a special project that we were completely honored to be trusted with.  Our client had saved over 400 corks over a decade and was looking for help to incorporate them into a piece of furniture.  Our thought behind the design was to create something that had a resemblance to a window since these corks all represented memories she could look back on.  When you are dealing with material as priceless as that, the stakes are high but we are excited with how this turned out!  

The case is a solid walnut with a hand rubbed and burnished oil finish to help accentuate the beautiful grain pattern.  Our goal was to make the top the star of the show so we tried to make the drawer as discreet as so instead of adding hardware we made it a push to open drawer with a nice soft close.  The steel base is flush all around the case and provides a nice contrast and mix of materials.  

The top has a 1/4" thick piece of glass.  Each section of cork is broken up by sections of flat black steel that are then framed out with bead molding which draws the eye toward the obvious feature of the corks.  

We are so honored to be trusted with such a precious piece and thrilled that our client loved the finished result!  

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