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Jonik Media Bench

We felt privileged to build several beautiful pieces that went into an amazing home that Alicia Jonik of Tracy Lynn Studios brought to life.  This particular piece was designed to house the client's media equipment while simultaneously creating a nice window seating space in a nook of the room.  

The feel of the design is a wonderful mix of contemporary and transitional.  The metal Grecian screen on the doors is a nice detail that allows remotes to easily access devices inside the the case while simultaneously neatly concealing the console's contents.  The doors are framed with an elegant bead molding to give the cabinet it's lovely transitional feel.  The crystal pulls are a wonderful accent against the clean white background.  The case is constructed on maple hardwood to ensure longevity and shown in a natural finish on the inside of the case.  The small chamfered edge between the feet of the piece is the last cue to anyone who is looking that a lot of thought and care went into the construction of this piece.      

We feel so lucky to work with great designers and great clients to create amazing piece! 

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