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About Our Company

Who We Are

Open Door Furniture is a custom furniture and cabinet shop located in San Diego California. Since 2015 we have been designing and building custom pieces for every room in the home and corporate space. We build for direct client commissions, interior designers, and large corporations to deliver exceptional custom projects and services to make to their vision come to life.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to design and create high quality furniture and cabinetry that can be used and enjoyed by generations. 

Our Values 

Purposeful Design 

We pride ourselves on designing and creating for their clients exactly what they have envisioned for their furniture and cabinetry. We are skilled builders in multiple design traditions and are able to utilize a diversity of finishing techniques in order to meet the variety of outcomes our customer’s desire. As a fully custom shop, our most foundational goal is to help our clients achieve their vision for their homes, or corporate spaces. 


Every time a newly imagined concept is created and manufactured, it moves the human story forward. As custom furniture makers, we get to witness this reality in a small way as we bring our clients unique, unexpressed visions into the world. Each piece of furniture manufactured in our shop is distinctive, exclusive, and subtly progresses the humanic fields of art and design.  


With the exception of Mahogany (which we also sustainably source), all of the wood we build furniture and cabinetry with is from American forests. Although there are many reasons to buy American, one of our biggest motivations is the reality that American hardwood forests are growing significantly faster than they are being harvested. From a sustainability standpoint, American hardwoods are prime materials to build furniture and cabinetry in. 

We also practice sustainability in a different way as we build furniture designed to last. When a client buys from us, we hope that they are purchasing the last piece of furniture for that space that they will ever need. Our standard of quality reflects that desire as we are only building furniture designed to be enjoyed by generations and kept out of landfills.