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Open Door Furniture is a boutique furniture shop that is based in San Diego, California.  All furniture is handmade by us.  We take an incredible amount of pride in our work because we know that our customers take just as much pride in their homes. That is why you will never receive a product that is anything less than the best from our shop. 

This starts with selecting the best materials for each piece.  We use solid wood for cases, legs, table tops and doors.  You will never see plywood on any of these surfaces. This is important because veneer and plywood chip quickly to show an unsightly wood underneath.  We figured that if a tree can last for hundreds of years after it has been harvested, we would just stick with nature and use good old fashion wood for our most important surfaces. 

All boards are inspected and laid out in several ways to ensure we find grain patterns that are beautiful and cohesive.  We then use specific joinery methods to help feature those pieces.  This ensures that all of our customers receive a truly unique and one of a kind piece of furniture.

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