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Insight Into Our Collections

The collections we design and release start with a theme that we generally mull over for way too long before we that theme turns into a real piece of furniture.  We are continually building new pieces that fit into existing collections as well as dreaming up new designs for new collections.  Materials, styles, and joinery used to construct the furniture will determine whether it is categorized into an existing or new collection.  Below you will find some insight into our thoughts behind each of our collections.     

Origins Collection 

Custom Walnut wood and Maple wood handmade coffee table Waterfall edge with walnut wood dovetails. Waterfall edge entry bench.  Walnut wood.  Handmade in San Diego

The wood used to build the Origins collection are Walnut and Sweet Gum.  Both of these high end solid woods have very bold and eye catching grain patterns so our goal was to build furniture that would show off large wood surfaces.   One of the feature ways this is accomplished is by cutting and assemble the wood in what is called a "waterfall" edge.  When done properly, wood grain flows uninterrupted from one surface to the next.  This takes patience and planning but we feel like the payoff is worth every bit of effort.  

This collection strips out elements of certain styles we love and combines them into one cohesive design.  You will find clean modern minimalist lines, craftsman type joinery, Mid-century modern influenced leg bases, and even hints of some classical curves that can be found in more traditional furniture.    

An eye catching and structural element of this collection are the contrasting "dovetail" or "bowtie" splines that are along the transitional edges of most pieces in the collection.  These help reinforce the structure of the waterfall edge by locking the two faces with a mechanical joint.   The precision with which those are installed demonstrates the care and thought put into the design and construction of the whole piece of furniture.

Bare Collection

Handmade bare entry table with black limba wood and hammered copperBare Bathroom table dovetail key detail Bare End Table top view of glass, copper dowels, and black limba woodCopper dowel detail of Bare Dining Table Bare dining table featured image

The inspiration behind this collection is simplicity and shimmer.  During the design phase, we thought about the necessary stylistic and structural components needed in a piece of furniture and designed from there.  The featured wood of this collection is called Black Limba.  Before we knew what wood we wanted to use, we knew that we wanted to have copper features and accents.  Our utilization of copper ultimately led us to Black Limba because of its unique grain pattern that has sporadic copper like tones throughout.  It also provides a nice contrast to the negative space created by the glass surfaces.

Our decision to use glass for the flat surfaces was spurned by the desire to give this collection a light and airy feeling.  We love how items placed on the cantilevered glass surfaces gives the illusion that they are floating.  With that said, we understand that some of our customers can not have glass because of children so we are happy to construct versions that have wood tops.  This collection can also be constructed in a wood of the customer's choice.  Walnut wood with brass accents would go nicely as well.      

A few additional things that make this collection unique is the way the glass tops are connected to the wood bases.  The copper dowels are adhered to the glass and fit into precisely bored holes so the glass sits securely on the base.  We also came up with a removable locking dovetail key that keeps glass tops secure but also allows them to be easily removed and cleaned.  

The last thing to note about these pieces is their strength.  The old saying "looks can be deceiving" is definitely applicable to this collection.  We used miter joints to help show off the grain pattern of the black limba wood but each of those joints is then reinforced with floating mortise and tenon joinery.  This is one of the stronger joints in woodworking.  This extra step is taken to ensure that these airy designs live longer than its builder.      

Atlas Collection 

Atlas Dining Table solid walnut wood Close up of solid walnut wood table top on Atlas Dining TableClose up of Atlas Dining table base.  Detail view of bookmatched grain on walnut wood

We love interesting leg bases on furniture.  It is one of the ways we feel we can take something functional and infuse it with artistic flare.  The design of our Atlas Table came first and after staring at it for about 15 seconds, it became obvious that it looked like someone was holding the weight of the world (If you feel the weight of that 1.5" thick solid walnut table top you will understand what we mean).  

We have plans to build a large executive desk with the Atlas leg design and possibly an entry or console table.  If there is a different piece you think you would like to have in your home or commercial space with a similar leg base that is not listed above, contact us and we can collaborate on a custom designed piece of furniture.     

The Custom Collection 

Walnut and Cherry wood console with book matched grain Walnut wood headboard, bookmatched and quad matched grain Close up of walnut and cherry wood grain with resawn matching drawers

Our custom collection is an ever growing one.  These are pieces are custom pieces we designed or collaborated with our clients to design that we liked so much we wanted to keep building.  

If there is an element of one collection that you love but want to tweak you can do that.  Or like the pieces highlighted in this collection, if you want to dream up something new or get our help dreaming up something new, let's work together to create something amazing!   

If you are looking to have a piece of furniture that is of great quality, artistic, handmade in the USA, and can be passed down to future generations, drop us a line and we will get the ball rolling.  We will produce a CAD drawing before we start making any cuts on a piece of furniture to ensure that we are on the same page regarding proportions, designs and dimensions.  If you want to see what some of our customers have said about our work, check out our Houzz page and read a few reviews.  We are confident that you will have a similar experience!