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This article features an interview with the owner of Open Door Furniture, Andrew DrPalma. In this interview, Andrew delves into how his company was started, the obstacles he and his team overcame, and what makes them different. 


We were proudly selected to be the primary custom furniture designer and creator in a home designed by Tracy Lynn Studios which was featured in Domino 


A huge thank you to our amazing customers for helping spread the word about our obsession with quality and service when it comes to building furniture! 

We are so proud to have received this award as it recognizes the diligence with which we serve our customers and the level of satisfaction our clients have with our furniture.  

A design partner of ours, Molly O'Neil, had a home that was featured in this issue and our bench was the main feature in the entryway.  

In 2016, our Origins Desk was featured in the LAX Furniture as Art as Furniture catalogue.