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Barajas Casita Pedestal Dining Table

Enjoy a delicious breakfast and a hot cup of coffee around our custom made, white washed oak casita table.     

The table top is solid white oak and reinforced with recessed steel c channel to keep this table top stable for generations.  The top is attached with 3 inch angle iron that is recessed into the base.    

The table was designed specifically to maximize legroom and comfort.  The pedestal is only 12 inches in width so all diners can relax without bumping into a table leg. Because of this, purchasing it will require a custom installation where we bolt the table to the floor.  If that is not an option, we can create the same base but wider so that the table will be stable without the need to fasten it to the floor.

  • All of our custom furniture is handmade in San Diego, California
  • Every tree is beautifully unique, therefore so are our pieces.  

Like all of our furniture, our construction practices and high quality materials make this built to be enjoyed for generations.  

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