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The McFarlane Stone and Steel Mid Size Conference Table

This was an incredibly fun table to build!  We partnered with Neal McFarlane of McFarlane Architects to build out the conference tables in their new office space in San Diego, CA.  The table top is 48" wide x 12' long quartz top by Caesarstone, making it seat 1 comfortably.  To maximize seating and legroom, we made the pedestals underneath the table 24" wide.  The the ends have a 26" cantilever from the base of the pedestal to the edge of the table. 

The key to making this stable over time is the structure inside the pedestals and under the table top.  For the pedestals, we used 1.75 x 2.5" pieces of hardwood joined together with floating mortise and tenons.  From there we built the mitered Black Melamine boxes as the skin.  This combination created a great foundation to carry the substantial weight of the table top. 

We decided that steel was a necessity to support the weight of the large quartz cantilevers.  We designed it in two pieces so that it would be able to be broken down and fit through the elevator as this client's office is on the 5th floor.   The pictures of the steel grid are actually of the larger conference table as we didn't have an opportunity to photograph the smaller one but they looked identical...just scaled down from the ones you see in the photos. 

The table has two AV boxes and a wire channel that is concealed in the steel structure underneath the table top so that the cords from the floor core are virtually invisible even when you look under the table.      

A pre-installation site measurement revealed that the tabletop couldn't fit in 1 piece so we decided to cut it into 2 segments.  Our installers are incredibly skilled with some amazing tools that suction the seem together  which made them nearly impossible to see.       

All in all, we were thrilled with the finished product and as always were proud to stamp our name on it.  We are so appreciative of the opportunity to work with the McFarlane team! 


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