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Fertitta walnut slab table with steel chrome dipped base

This dining table is sure to make an impression in any home.  The table top is a single slab of black walnut.  We refined the shape of the table into a rough rectangle but kept a natural looking edge all throughout.  The grain has some really unique features where you can see a branch graft that was sawn right through the middle. 

As you look down from the top toward the base, you quickly notice that this is not an ordinary table.  The curved steel, chrome dipped base can't be ignored.  The juxtaposition of the dark and wild walnut merging with the highly polished chrome creates a dramatic look that everyone will appreciate.     

  • Handmade in San Diego, California
  • Every tree is beautifully unique, therefore so are our pieces.  

Like all of our furniture, our construction practices and high quality materials make this built to be enjoyed for generations.  

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