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Harris Bar Cabinet

This piece of furniture was incredibly fun to build and help design.  We partnered with the talented Christine Harris of Tracy Lynn Studios who had the vision of colors, textures and dimensions.  We sat down together and helped her finalize her vision, supporting structure and proportions in CAD.  The result was a one of a kind piece that was so much fun to build and admire once complete.  

The chartreuse high polished lacquer finish gives it a playful and retro feel.  The inside is lined with a beautiful Pierre Frey wallpaper.  The colors are complimented by remote control, recessed LED lights.  We concealed the battery power pack inside a soft close drawer so there are not any unsightly cords running down the wall. Since our client is a connoisseur of fine spirits, we wanted to give him a place to make his drinks right where he stores them.  So we created a walnut and black limba end grain cutting board pullout for him to enjoy. The Soss brass hinges allow the beveled glass panel doors to bi-fold and simultaneously expose a nice detail of the building process. The brass supports that hold the glass shelving are like icing on the cake of this creative piece.   

The Barber Bar Cabinet stands 90 inches tall and 4 feet wide and is made of solid hardwood.  To give it the structure it needed to support a completely stocked bar of heavy glass bottles, we laced section between the cabinet and the base with 1x4 steel tubing.  We also did a steel mortise bar stretcher between each leg and then welded a steel bar between the legs to keep the legs from racking. 

This piece was an incredibly challenging piece to build but we couldn’t be happier with how this turned out and our clients felt the same!     

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