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Keith Oval Pedestal Dining Table

Our client came to us to build this custom white oak dining table in such a way to maximize seating around this table so we created an oval shape that sits on top of a pedestal.  Eliminating the corners of the table allows for chairs to be placed all around without wasting any space.  The pedestal gives ample leg room.   It seats 10 comfortably but as always our pieces can be customized to be larger or smaller depending on your space. 

The color we came up with was a 5 part coloring process which made this one a challenge to say the least.  But the depth of color and unique tones made it all worth it in the end.  

To ensure that the table top stays flat over time, we recess steel c channels that tie back to the base but still allow the table top to move with seasonal weather changes.  This ensures that this table will be around for generations to enjoy meals and special occasions and we feel honored to be a part of that. 

This table was hand made in San Diego, California. 

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