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Koehler Contemporary Desk

We built this desk to match the Koehler nightstands that live in the same room.  What is so fun about the design of this desk is that at first glance, the spacing and lines of the drawer fronts give it the illusion that there is one big desk drawer.  However, on closer inspection, the person using the desk will find some comfortable finger pulls that are built into the design of the 3 individual desk drawers.  The drawers are outfitted with a lovely soft close slide that is concealed from sight and is always a pleasure to open and close. 

The desk is all built out of solid maple wood.  After construction, it and was primed and painted with a multitude of coats of paint and top coats to give it a beautifully smooth and durable finish.  The joinery attaching the box is all floating mortise and tenon joinery which will ensure that the desk outlives anyone reading this website in my lifetime.   

We had a lot of fun building this desk and the matching Koehler night stands but were incredibly busy and didn't end up having an opportunity to take any in progress photos of these pieces.  If we build another of these we will be sure to take some photos and share how this piece comes together.  

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