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Twitty White Oak and Steel Expandable Dining Table

This table was a collaboration between the client and the designer and us.  We spent a lot of time thinking about what would blend with their space, be a visual extension of their island, while giving them the ability to periodically expand the table comfortably accommodate 10 guests.  We were all very happy with the result!

The top is solid white oak that splits in the middle where either one or two 19.5" leaves can be inserted.  Like any component we add to our furniture, the expansion slides are top of the line which makes expanding this very heavy table feel incredibly easy.  

The steel is powder coated in a rich charcoal color that has the slightest shimmer which is a nice contrast against the light white oak wood.  The remaining steel under the table is in place to keep the table top flat over time and helps replace the traditional support structure you would find on a non expanding table.  

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