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Genesis Lounge Live Edge Table

When we say this live edge table is big...we mean it.  It is 7" thick, weighs over 4,500 lbs, is 18 feet long and is 80" wide at its widest point.  It is truly awe inspiring when you see it.  As we were building it, we kept commenting on how this could be the biggest slab table we ever work on so we really cherished the work.  

Delivering this was a mammoth task which took an incredible amount of planning. However, if you have read any of our other product descriptions, you know we love a good challenge but we all breathed a sigh of relief when we got this into the room.  

The space it went into is a corporate lounge area for employees to have a place to relax and collaborate in.  We hope that this table helps contribute in it's own way by bringing the feeling of nature inside an urban space.   

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