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Meet The Team

Owner of Open Door Furniture

Andrew DePalma

Andrew is the owner operator of Open Door Furniture. After having a successful early career in insurance, he longed for a change of pace and an opportunity to create. He started Open Door Furniture in 2015 and has been growing as a woodworker and business owner steadily since then. Along with the general leadership of the company and all the many responsibilities that come with that, he also runs our design department. 


Blake Chadwick

Blake is a San Diego native who grew up surfing and playing volleyball on the shores of mission beach. Like Andrew, Blake started off his working life in a more clerical field, but soon found himself looking for something new. He left his corporate job and entered woodworking in 2019. Blake now runs much of our operations while also working in sales and is thriving as a journeyman woodworker in our shop.

Kyle Lindstrom

Kyle started his working life in the non-profit sector where he spent seven years in education and community development. He is formally trained as a wooden boat builder and has found a great use for his boatbuilding training at ODF. Kyle is the newest addition to our team and is learning and growing as a woodworker and team member.