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Buyers Guide


At Open Door Furniture we build custom furniture and cabinets. We have a different business model than most furniture companies. Where most furniture companies create designs for mass appeal and then manufacture them in high quantities, we design and build 100% custom furniture and cabinets for individual clients. Due to the nature of our business, every project we build is unique in its design and price. Below we have provided a detailed outline of the process of commissioning and receiving custom piece of furniture or cabinet project from us. If you are interested to explore working with us, please click here and send us an inquiry.


The first step of every project we build is an inquiry. This involves the interested party sending us an email with a rough outline of the project that they would like to explore commissioning. In order to understand your vision, we may ask for “inspiration photos” that capture what you are trying to have created. It can be a design that you like and want to loosely replicate in a custom size, or it can be an image that captures the aesthetic you are trying to replicate (example: We once designed and built an eleven-foot dining table off the inspiration of a hundred-year-old pizza peel). Alternatively, if you have seen a piece of furniture on our website  or social media that you would be interested in commissioning and/or modifying for your own home, we invite you to inquire so we can give you a quote.


    When we feel we have enough information about your vision, we will give you a quote of how much it will cost to design, manufacture, and deliver your custom project.

    Acceptance and Deposit

    If you are interested in moving forward with us, the next step is formally accepting our quote and submitting a deposit of 50% of the project cost. This marks the formal beginning of our business partnership and once the deposit has been received the client will have access to all of the additional services we provide including our extensive sample library, professional CAD design services and periodic project updates.

    CAD Drawing

    Upon receiving your deposit, we will create a detailed CAD drawing of your furniture for your approval. Any changes to the design are made in this phase of the commission. The CAD drawing will be an accurate representation of the furniture or cabinets we will be building for the commission, so we encourage our clients to study them thoroughly to be sure they are getting the right project for their home.

    Wood Species Selection and Finish Sample

    Once the drawings are approved, the next step is deciding on your wood species and finish. Many of our clients prefer their furniture stained and to address this need we have created an online catalogue of over 1,000 stain samples. Our client will be given access to this catalogue electronically and are encouraged to select five samples to be mailed to them free of charge. This allows the client to pick the best color for their space. If more than five samples are requested, we will send them out at $50 per set of five, which will be added to the final bill.


    With every detail planned, it is time to set the date of when you want your furniture delivered. Our lead time is usually around 8 weeks after the finalization of the last details, although that is susceptible to change depending on different shop variables as well as the overall scope of your project. If you are looking to have your furniture completed in a shorter time window, please make that known in your inquiry and we will let you know from the beginning if we are able to accommodate your request.

    Delivery and Final Payment

    Once your furniture or cabinets are complete, we will ship or deliver them to you. Projects between San Diego and Los Angeles we will personally delivered and installed whereas projects headed to the greater United States or internationally will be delivered via a shipping company. The cost of the shipping/delivery in local scenarios will be included in the original quote. In the case of furniture or cabinets that are shipped by a third party, the client may have to hire a professional to move and assemble the furniture or install their cabinets. The cost for non-local instillations is not included in the original quote and the logistics of such are the responsibility of the client. Final payment to Open Door Furniture is due upon delivery.