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Porter Steel Wrapped Desk Dresser Combo

We worked with the talented Katie Porter of KP Design studio to help bring her design of this bedroom set to life. 

The hallmark of this mini collection is the intersection of wood and metal to create something that is unique, beautiful and functional with heirloom durability.  The first thing that the eye is drawn to are the steel legs that wrap all the way around the case.  These function as as support of the case and the leg base.  The tops are laminated steel with a patina applied to give a nice subtle visual interest without being overpowering or distracting.  The added benefit to the steel is that the client will not have to worry about their guests using coasters for drinks!

Finally, to ensure that we controlled for any seasonal wood movement that would cause issues inside of the steel wrapping, we created our own shop sawn veneers to wrap all of the cases and drawer fronts.  This keeps the pieces stable and contains wood movement while giving allowing us to create grain patterns that are pleasing to the eye and flow through the piece. 

This Ash wood of this collection was finished with a rich dark brown which is a lovely contrast to the lighter colors in the finished space.     

We hope that you enjoy looking at them as much as we enjoyed building them! 

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