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Bare End Table


This is the original piece of furniture that inspired our Bare collection.  This table is a great companion in any living room. The multifunctional design opens up options for decor.  It can act as a standalone end table for a low profile design pallet or an accent tray table in a room full of plush sofas and fabrics.  

The eye is immediately drawn to the cantilevered top which is built out of the beautiful figured black limba wood.  Around the border, are small pops of copper that provide subtle complimentary visual interest.  Floating inside of the wood is 3/8" thick piece of glass.  The glass panel makes this a great companion for beverages and dinnerware as coasters are not needed to protect it.  The panel is secured by the decorative and functional dovetail keys which are removable if the glass needs to be cleaned.  

  • Handmade in San Diego, California
  • Every tree is beautifully unique, therefore so are our pieces.  

Like all of our furniture, our construction practices and high quality materials make this built to be enjoyed for generations.  

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